10 Dicas Para Criar O Melhor Desenho de Anúncio Em Facebook Para Sua Campanha Publicitária

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Facebook Ads advertising system can be useful for advertisers in terms of features, insights, and audience targeting. And to use your advertising budget wisely and not end up wasting money you’ll need, a proper Facebook advertising strategy and create an effective Facebook Ad design.

I will present you here some tips to create the best Facebook Ads design for your Facebook Ads campaign for your brand and business.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 1: Use An Eye-Catching Image

The image used in you Facebook Ads will play a highly important part on determining the amount of attention your target audience will give to it. And, it will be far more influential than its textual content.

The image you use on your FB Ad doesn’t to be a shot of your business, product or service. Rather use a relevant image that will catch people’s eyes and make them stop the scrolling and have them read your FB ad. Facebook Advertising will only let you use images that contain no more than 20 percent words, so the image on your Fb Ad must be designed to grab attention and communicate a graphic message in its first stage of communication.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 2: Use Calls to Action

Applied wisely, and with the right text on it, a Call-to-Action will increase the click-through rate of your Facebook Ads. Also, it will improve your overall conversion rate and decrease your cost per conversion.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 3: Show Integrity On The Content Of Your Ad Design

As you well know trust and credibility are fundamental if you want other to do business you and your company, and to show your Facebook Ad as a credible one is crucial.

Keep in mind that when someone sees your FB ad, they should immediately recognize:

  • What you’re offering?
  • How it benefits them?
  • What to do next?

Facebook Ad Design Tip 4: Make ads that correlate with their Landing Page

Make sure your Facebook Ad design its intended message correlate with its Landing Page. After clicking, your potential customer should end up on a landing page that reinforces what they saw in the FB ad. Applying this, you will maximize the engagement with the Ad and make a more favorable consumer decision journey for your potential customer and your brand.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 5: Use a Buyer Persona or a Headshots On Your FB Ad Design

This will help you to better catch the eye of your specific target make them feel you are talking to them and by this to maximize awareness and engagement with the Ad.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 6: Use Words of Impact Over Your Image

Be always strategic, you can complement your image to make the FB ad more effective. Both image and text must be relevant and work in symmetry with each other.

Focus on your value proposition. What is it about your advertised item that strongly appeals to viewers? The ad will attract a certain segment of people who are interested in the value proposition.

Vary Your Font Sizes for Better Emphasis.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 7: Use colors that stand out

Colors that sharply contrast with one another can work to your advantage.

Keep always in mind less is more.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 8: Create unique ad sets for each audience

Facebook’s advertising platform let you create separate ad sets for unique audiences. So, you can create multiple FB ad designs and deliver them to different unique audiences. Or you can use the same exact FB ad design to deliver it to different audiences.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 9: Create Multiple Designs for Your Fb Ad

Try different designs and analyze their results. You will always notice they all perform differently. By using multiple Facebook Ad Designs you can always learn better about your target and improve each Fb Ad accordingly, therefore maximize the results of your Facebook Ad campaign.

Facebook Ad Design Tip 10: Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best digital tools you can use on your site, regardless of your business size or industry. You can use it for tracking the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns in detail.

It is totally vital to track the performance of your Facebook Ad Designs and it is highly important to know how your Facebook Ad Designs are performing and to make you Advertising campaign more profitable.

Be sure to review your Google Analytics data, both in planning to launch Facebook ads and in the process of refining them. Make sure you’re targeting the demographics who are most likely to spend time reading your content and, ultimately, to convert into leads and paying customers.



Consumers are constantly moving outside the marketing funnel by changing the way they research and buy products or services. The customer journey is complex. So it’s important to focus on the key moments that can help inspire people to take their buying decision.

Creating the best Facebook ad design possible will best fit into your overall advertising strategy.

By following these ten tips, you will be able to create a proper Facebook Ad design for a specific adverting campaign.